Mr Foley’s Real Ale House

Leeds · Pub

It’s probably our favourite pub in the universe; they don’t have Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters but they do have all the real ale and craft beer.

Crowd of Favours

Leeds · Pub

Great beer: check. Delicious food: check. Warm and friendly staff: check. Movie nights: check. Crowd is quite possibly the perfect pub.


Manchester · Bar

Manchester BrewDog was the first craft beer bar we fell in love with; an excursion to Manchester isn’t complete without a beer or three here.


York · Pub

An ever-changing selection of top quality ales in a Tudor house that gets more skew-wiff as you move up the floors. It’s quirky. We like quirky.

Panda & Sons

Edinburgh · Cocktail bar

If you sneak down a secret stairway hidden behind a bookcase in ‘barbershop’ you’re on to a winner. Throw in some tasty craft beer and cocktails, well…